Jump Liquidity

Who are we?

Jump Liquidity was created by the Jump Trading Group, one of the world’s leading proprietary trading firms, to provide bespoke liquidity to counterparties across multiple asset classes. Jump fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and learning, attracting diverse personnel with backgrounds in trading and technology, who work alongside top PhD programs and research labs. Jump utilizes deep quantitative research to provide alpha driven pricing, delivered through best-in-class trading infrastructure.

Jump Trading Group generally believe that markets operate most efficiently when liquidity and execution is consolidated on a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), but as the trading landscape continues to migrate towards direct channels, Jump Liquidity enables Jump to offer enhanced access to liquidity on a disclosed and customizable basis directly to its counterparties.

Jump draws upon our experience as a significant contributor to the orderly trading on over 100 venues worldwide of a variety of asset classes, including fixed income, equities, futures, commodities, currencies, and digital assets. Jump offers bespoke pricing solutions to suit a full spectrum of market participants from Tier 1 banks to the buyside community. Jump provides its counterparties with customized streams throughout diverse market conditions and timely pricing updates across multiple asset classes, delivered by best-in-class technology in a single API.

To learn more about trading with Jump Liquidity, contact [email protected].

*Jump refers to Jump Trading, LLC and/or its affiliates, individually or collectively

What Jump Offers

Jump provides liquidity across several asset classes via a single FIX connection and through various intermediary channels.

Jump has multiple trading strategies that can be individually streamed or aggregated to provide the best possible pricing solution for a counterparty. The advantage of this approach is that each strategy possesses its own alpha and holding durations, which can result in tighter overall spreads.

US Treasuries
Jump is a consistent market leader in the US Treasury interdealer market and now leverages that experience and expertise to provide bespoke pricing directly to diverse counterparties.

As a dominant player in the Central Limit Order Books, futures markets, and across several ECNs, Jump’s FX pedigree speaks for itself.

Trading direct in Energy futures blocks can significantly reduce execution costs, coupled with single ticket execution and reduced slippage.

Leveraging Jump’s pedigree in trading on exchange futures and equities, Jump Liquidity can offer a compelling suite of CFD products across multiple asset classes.

Jump Liquidity is actively involved in providing OTC block trades in several active futures products—for example, both EUREX and CME Fixed Income Futures. Please contact us to see if we could provide solutions for your liquidity needs.

Digital Assets
Jump is an active participant in the digital asset market and has best-in-class connectivity and solutions across the most liquid cryptocurrencies. Jump acts as principal trading partner with a select group of institutional counterparties via a user-friendly GUI or high-performance streaming API.

Contact Us

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Jump Liquidity US Equities services offered within the United States are provided by Jump Execution, LLC. Member FINRA, SIPC. Disclosures for Jump Execution, LLC